The Entrepreneur Redefined is a collection of resources that support people who use business as the catalyst to live brilliant lives.

It’s founded, curated, and hosted by Jeremy Vore, an easily distracted, excitable, and honest guy who lives in an old one-room schoolhouse with his family.

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Jeremy’s Short Bio

I’m a father. A husband. A woodworker, sea kayaker, and communicator. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to experience a wide range of careers in my 37 years, from aviation to photography to corporate America. Today I’m a voiceover artist and creator of this website and all of its resources.

Throughout all of those career paths, I’ve tried to focus on the quality of life that I want for myself and my family. Money is certainly a part of that life, but my own success includes much more: where we live, fly fishing, time with my children, constant learning and challenge, and communicating with people, to name just a few.

I created The Entrepreneur Redefined because I believe that you have the ability to create streams of income that enable a brilliant life.

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Jeremy’s Not-So-Short Story

In today’s economy, I don’t accept that we’re all bound to work a 9-to-5 job with a 30 minute lunch. I don’t accept that we have to sell the minutes of our lives to someone who pays us to sit in cubicles or stand on an assembly line.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve leveraged my interests and passions for income time and time again. I’ve been a sea kayak instructor, a nature and studio photographer, a flight instructor and commercial pilot, a bike mechanic, a blogger, a boat builder, a woodworker, an instructional designer, and a voiceover artist.

I’ve never been fired and I excelled at every, single one of those jobs because I was passionate and engaged. Every change in career path was intentional and carefully considered.

In 2006, we decided to start a family and I was finally caught in the “expectation” trap: I spent the next 7 years in corporate America, moving from manager, to director, to executive. I had 4 weeks of vacation, a solid 6-figure salary, full benefits, and traveled on private jets.

But something important was missing.

Honestly, the work was still interesting and exciting to me. I love communication and challenge, both of which were required in abundance while I was in the corporate world. The pay was excellent, the clients were (usually!) wonderful, and I was suddenly on a solid contemporary career path.

But, I was expected to fit my family and my passions in the nooks and crannies around my professional life. I was selling the best, most engaged, most productive hours of my life to my employer; my family, my friends, and my passions all got the tired, run down left overs. In exchange for 6 figures in my bank account, I was expected to be on airplanes with less than 12 hours notice, answer phone calls at 1:00am, and prioritize work over everything else.

True stories from my “life” on the corporate career path:

  • I missed my grandfather’s funeral because there wasn’t anyone else available to manage an on-site client healthcare installation.

  • An executive demanded that I cut a vacation short and skip my sister’s wedding so that I could be at a sales presentation. (I said no.)

  • I was literally laughed at when I proposed that I use 2 weeks of my PTO for paternity leave with 6 months lead time.

  • I was “allowed” to take 3 days off after my first son’s birth and then had to travel for 11 of the next 12 weeks, often flying home on Saturday morning and leaving again on Monday before dawn.

When I tried to talk about being unhappy, I was met with two types of reactions. First, my coworkers accepted the idea that well paid, salaried employees needed to be loyal to their employers and told me to “pay my dues.” Second, my friends – most of whom made far less money – were so enamoured by the private jets, luxury hotel suites, big salary, and $1,000 bottles of wine that were all a part of my job that they couldn’t understand why I was complaining.

After 7 years, I finally quit. Once I turned in my resignation, people told me that they thought it was courageous, but they didn’t know I’d been wanting to quit for 6 years. It took 72 months and the birth of my second child to work up the nerve to walk away from the path that was packaged, wrapped, and sold to me as the the American Success Story, but was actually pure misery.

Since leaving the corporate career path, I’ve worked hard. Don’t let the idea of entrepreneurship fool you! It’s demanding, but the demands can be organized around your life, rather than organizing your life around the demands.

Today, I choose when I work and when I play, and they’re often one and the same. I can usually close down my studio or leave my office if it’s a beautiful afternoon and I want to take my sons to the beach or fish a mayfly hatch on the trout stream down the road.

I get to work with my hands in the woodshop, be physical as a paddling instructor, and challenge myself creatively as a voiceover artist.

And, most importantly, I get to experience my own definition of success: Prioritizing my family first, enjoying what I do every day, and earning enough money so that we can eat well, live comfortably, and pursue our passions.

Your definition of success will be different than mine, which is why I try to offer as many viewpoints and perspectives as I can through the podcast interviews and the resources on this webpage.

Our common ground isn’t in how we want to live our lives and what we value most. Instead, it’s in our shared ability to achieve our own brand of success through creative streams of income.

You have the power to take control of your earning and leverage your business ventures to live a brilliant life today.

I hope that the collection of resources on The Entrepreneur Redefined are valuable to you on your own journey and it’s an honor to bring them to you!


Jeremy Vore


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