Are you a creative person? I hope so, because we’re in the middle of an amazing creative revolution!

The amazing change in creativity is this: It’s easier than ever before in the history of mankind to share your creations with other people. The cost of entry and consequence of possible failure is lower than ever before.

You want to write a book? You don’t have to hire a printer, buy a printing press, or find a publisher. Instead, you can self-publish online for very little monetary cost.

You want to be a photographer? You don’t have to walk your portfolio case into editors or apply to galleries. You don’t even have to print an image. You can shoot digitally and display your portfolio online.

You want to be a broadcaster? You don’t have to get a degree in communications, work for a radio station, or find a syndication partner to reach a worldwide audience. You just need to start a podcast and share your message with the world.

Of course, there’s a heavy investment in time and emotional energy anytime we create something new. But it’s usually worth it, even if the result is that we find out we don’t really want to create that thing.

Try it. Find the thing you like to create. And then find a way to share it.