Yesterday, I told you how wonderful the Creative Revolution is. We can create and share easier than ever before!

But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.

Every day, I speak with people who are working in mundane and repetitive jobs who think that life would be both more fulfilling and easier if they could quit and be creative.

They’re right!

And wrong.

Sometimes, very wrong.

Being creative – whether it’s as an artist, a communicator, a teacher, a builder, a writer, or anything else – is both more fulfilling and more difficult than we realize. Being creative means that you’re putting a representation of yourself out on the table for the world to judge and react to. It means that you will be rejected, turned down, and criticized. You’ll doubt your work, doubt yourself, and doubt the value of what you do.

On some days, you will feel like a fraud, wondering when the world will see through your smoke and mirrors. On others, you won’t feel creative in the least, but you’ll still have to sit down and create something, anyway. It’s the rare day on which you’ll wake up, create effortlessly, and not run into any roadblocks or potholes.

All of that struggle and strife, though, can be well worth the reward. You just have to go into it knowing up front that you’ll have to work for your satisfaction.