When I was a kid, we would often get comment cards from the stores and restaurants we visited. They were desperate for our feedback, our criticisms, and our compliments.

The information would help them identify their strengths and weaknesses, guide them as they built their company and improved their offerings, and provide the information they needed to better serve their customers.

Today, we can communicate with our customers more efficiently than ever before. Thanks to social media and modern electronics, there are thousands of opportunities to connect with them every single day, and the best connections are those that involve interaction.

Do you want to know what to make or sell next? Ask your audience what problems they have, then create a product that provides a solution. If you want to know how to improve your service, ask the customers how they would like to be served.

The value of cultivating an engaged audience lies in the very fact that if you ask them a question, they will answer – no comment card needed!