It’s very tempting – and very easy – to wait to do something new until everything is “ready”.

But what does “ready” mean? We tend to make lists of the ideal conditions that should be met before we launch ourselves off the cliff or dive from the dock … but we also tend to add to those lists just as quickly as we tick the items off of them.

The truth is that we will very, very rarely have a perfect environment to do something new. The truth is that new things are scary. And the truth is that having a list of prerequisites is actually the easiest way to avoid facing or doing that scary, new thing.

So, ask yourself this: Is this new, scary thing something that I really want to do?

If it is, don’t wait. Do something to move toward it today. It doesn’t have to be something massive (though it certainly can be!). Maybe it’s sitting down with a cup of tea and making a timeline for your new business venture. Maybe it’s looking up the costs for bed and breakfasts in Ireland and creating your trip budget. Maybe it’s revamping your resume to reflect your passions and the path you want your career to follow.

The point is that the list of ideal conditions will never be fulfilled and, in truth, the perfect time to move toward where you want to be in 6 months or a year or 10 years is right now. So what can you do to begin your journey?