Once upon a time, I was a full-time professional photographer.

The year was 2000, I had just graduated with a college degree in Art And Design, and I was a wizard at developing and printing images in a darkroom. My university program had one dye sublimation printer, no digital imaging computers, and no digital imaging classes.

I thought I had it all figured out and I thought I knew the value, importance, and permanence of film. I shunned the new digital cameras and technology because my 35mm and medium format transparency film still surpassed them in quality.

Until, one day, they were equal. And then, the next day, film was a dying medium, as was my business, which was heavily invested in my own darkroom equipment.

By 2003, my business was a dinosaur that was left in the dust. Compare that to guys like Chase Jarvis, who adapted, embraced, and thrived.

I missed the boat and failed to change because I wasn’t comfortable with constant evolution of knowledge and creativity. I was an expert in film and didn’t want to risk not being an expert in something new.

Lesson learned.

This world is filled with changing technology and social landscapes that – literally – are the doorways to the future.

What changes are you resisting? What changes could you embrace, instead?