A major part of The Entrepreneur Redefined (and the modern entrepreneurial journey) is finding your own definition of success. What makes you happy? What fulfills you? What makes your life vibrant and full?

Unfortunately, our cultural definition of success equates to work, money, and material possessions. It’s not that any of those things are inherently wrong or bad – it’s just that success and fulfillment in life often extend so far beyond them.

Most of us work, but we don’t succeed. We trade our time for money, use the money to buy the material possessions that we’re told will make us feel good and fulfilled, and then exhaust our stores of energy and wonder, desperately waiting for a weekend or a vacation that’s supposed to recharge our mental, emotional, and physical batteries.

Newsflash: That weekend or vacation rarely recharges us in any meaningful way because the life we’re trying to recharge from is waiting for us on Monday or at the airport parking lot.

You can break free from that cycle of emotional depletion, though. Start by recognizing that work does not equal success for most of us. Then, ask yourself what your version of success looks like and how your stream of income can help achieve it.