One of the biggest challenges for self-starting entrepreneurs is that they’re accountable only to themselves.
There’s nobody else holding you to task, demanding to see results, or stopping you from throwing up your hands and spending the day on the couch with an iPad, binge watching all four seasons of Vikings on Amazon PRIME. 
Not that I’ve personally done anything like that…

There are limitless creative ways for a solo entrepreneur to hold herself accountable:

  • Make daily and weekly to-do lists and be accountable to the lists.
  • If a paper or electronic list doesn’t keep you on task, partner with another solo entrepreneur, trade lists, and follow up with each other at the end of each day. 
  • Join a mastermind or Facebook group for entrepreneurs and post your daily to-dos in the group. You’ll be accountable to everyone there!
  • Hire a business or life coach who can check in to be sure you’re staying on task and on schedule.
  • Each morning, send your daily goals to a friend, family member, partner, or spouse; each evening, follow up with them and list what you completed. 

Often, staying on task just requires the knowledge that someone is going to check our progress, even if it’s just an informal update. Who is going to check your progress?