Do you value your time and energy? Do you value your product or services?

I certainly hope so. I also hope that you’re charging your clients accordingly.

There’s a temptation to accept a client’s proposal for lower rates because we think that something is better than nothing. But the truth is that accepting a rate that’s lower than your established minimum doesn’t help you OR the client. It’s sets an expectation of pricing for the future (no, they will never pay the going rate for future work, despite what they promise you), it makes a statement of value (you devalue your service by accepting less for it), and it sends an internal message about your self-worth (that you have to accept a lower price because you’re not worthy of higher value).

Don’t do that to yourself. Stick to your pricing model and don’t accept less than your established minimum. Clients who value you and your product will pay it, even if they have to stretch a bit to do it; those are the clients you want!

If you meet a client who can’t afford your pricing but seems deserving, don’t give them a partial discount. Instead, do the work for free, but reserve that gift for people who are worthy of it, not the penny pinchers and tire kickers.