“You did that? That’s crazy!”

I think we all need a little bit more crazy in our lives. It’s the crazy ideas that lead to the grandest adventures and the most beautiful vistas. The greatest minds of our time were all called crazy just a few short years before they were called geniuses.

“You want to land used rockets on tiny barges in the middle of the ocean? Bonkers!” (Elon Musk, SpaceX)

“You think people will want to carry their music around in their pockets in a tiny box? Insane!” (Steve Jobs, Apple)

“You’re going to make stunningly beautiful knives out of meteorites? Wait . . . what?” (Bob Kramer, Kramer Knives)

Yeah. A guy named Bob Kramer loves making beautiful knives and is now making them out of meteorites. Basically, he’s making space knives, doing it his own way, and killing it.

He got started when he was in college and quit his job in a local kitchen because he preferred sharpening the knives to cooking. I bet you know what people said when he put in his notice…

What brilliance would be brought into your own life if you did something that other people would call crazy? What wonderful adventures are you holding back on, just because they don’t seem sane to someone else?

Bonus: If you have a few extra minutes, watch this YouTube video. Bob Kramer walks Anthony Bourdain through the entire knife making process, and it’s amazing!