The time is now!

Take the first step!

Do something crazy!

Quit your job and follow your dreams!

And then, unless you have a start up that’s already bringing in revenue, think about getting a part time job.

Heresy, right? Especially in a “Follow Your Dreams” entrepreneur blog. Afterall, there’s every reason to celebrate breaking the chains of the 9-to-5 and doing your own thing!

Yet, there’s also the fact that if you’re worried about where your next rent payment or grocery bill is going to come from, you’re not going to be able to give your all to the new venture. Every minute that you spend thinking about the obligations you’re struggling to meet is a minute that you’re not focused on your success.

So, yes, quit your job. Then, think about picking up a part time job, either locally or virtually, to cover all or some of your bills. Use the rest of your time to productively and efficiently get your start up rolling. You probably won’t start out making as much as you did before you quit. But you’ll also be more comfortable, better able to focus on your real work, and make progress toward your goals much faster than if you didn’t have any income at all.