TER 004: Breakdowns In Bathrooms with Mercedes Turino

Jun 6, 2016 | 0 comments

Mercedes Turino combines her belief in the power of motherhood with a deeply personal understanding of the challenges that entrepreneurs face in owning and operating a business.

In this interview, you’ll hear brutally honest stories about the fear, the challenges, and the ugly moments of being a mom and entrepreneur that so many women are afraid to admit. You’ll also hear about the graceful acceptance and effective tools that Mercedes brings to bear, both for herself and her clients.

Even if you’re not a mother, you’ll connect with her beautiful and genuine story of self-reflection, the realization that we don’t have to play by the “standard” rules, and the journey of a fluid business plan that changed as she learned more about what she wants and who she is.

Her company, Mama Redefined, helps women accept the changes in identity that come with being a mother, as well as find their voices, reach their potentials, and trust their intuition.

As a bonus, we’ll soon be interviewing Mercedes’ husband and fellow entrepreneur in his own right, Brandon Turino. Watch for him in Episode 006, which will be released on Friday, June 10, 2016!

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Mercedes Turino
Mercedes Turino

Website: MercedesTurino.com

Facebook: The Mama Redefined Tribe

  • It’s okay not to follow other people’s rules.
  • Find a stream of income that lights you up!
  • Sometimes, you just have to quit your job that day!
  • There are always really big reasons why you think you can’t do what you want to do.
  • The fear of chasing your dreams doesn’t go away, so just do it anyway.
  • Sometimes the passion runs out and you need to shift your focus.
  • Mastermind groups are game changers – they hold self-employed entrepreneurs accountable!
  • Locking yourself in a public bathroom can be good therapy…
  • Recognizing your vulnerability is a powerful strength.
  • Perfectionism can be paralyzing. If you wait for it to be perfect, it will never happen.

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