When did we collectively decide that asking for help was a weakness?

The reluctance to ask for help is one of the most damaging traits that I see in many of the entrepreneurs I talk to every day, and I don’t understand why.

When someone asks for help, I think that they’re humble, aware of their limitations, and wanting to learn. I also think that they have a realistic grasp of just how convoluted and difficult this entrepreneurship thing is. No one person can know everything about it and the landscape changes on a daily basis.

So, ask for help!

Ask your peers if they like your new website design or logo. Ask your audience what they would like to see you create next. Ask your family and friends to help you shoulder the load. Ask your mentors if they have any advice for similar situations. And ask a virtual assistant, consultant, or contractor to do some of the things you just don’t have time to do properly.

Asking for help with those things isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of business intelligence.

What do you need help with and who can you ask?