We all have a running commentary playing in our heads. It’s that constant discussion we have with ourselves about everything – what we want to eat at lunch, how we feel about the cloudy sky, and what we think about ourselves.

That voice is also a powerful source of self-determination.

When it’s negative and critical, when the voice tells you that you’re not good enough, not smart enough, or bound to fail, you begin to believe it.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, negative is the default tone for most of us.

If you’re struggling to find motivation, filled with self-doubt, or feeling beaten down, take a deep breath, find a quiet place to sit, and pay close attention to what that voice is saying. If it’s not supportive, change it.

You have control over what that voice says. It runs on subconscious autopilot most of the time, but, if you catch it being negative, consciously shift it to a supportive and positive perspective.

After a few weeks of redirecting the negative subconscious voice in the positive direction, positive will become the new default. And, once that happens, you’ll be unstoppable!