TER 006: Three Day Weekends with Brandon Turino

Jun 10, 2016 | 0 comments

Dr. Brandon Turino is a chiropractor who truly leverages his business for brilliance, both in his life, his family’s life, and the lives of his patients and community members.

Listen to him share the strategies that have made him successful, the best investment he’s made in himself, and his most important business tool.

This interview is the second part of a very unique opportunity to hear from a husband and wife team, both of whom are leveraging their businesses to fulfill their family’s financial and life experience needs. Brandon is married to Mercedes Turino, who was our guest earlier this week on Episode 004.

Together, they have created the balance of life forces that works for them and for their two young children.

You can find Mercedes’ interview here.

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Brandon Turino Photo


Brandon Turino


  • You can’t get anywhere with a negative vision.
  • Your business embodies your values, whatever they are.
  • Long weekends can be the norm.
  • Brandon has created a business that leverages his values.
  • Business and family life aren’t separate – we only have one life and need to live all aspects of it well.
  • Brandon’s mission in his business is to help other people.
  • Success is moving toward being better every day; being stagnant or making the same mistakes is failure.
  • That definition of success spans all areas of life – professional, personal, spiritual, physical…
  • Community engagement is a value that is a natural passion for Brandon.
  • The Greatest Challenge was a period of financial instability and missed personal paychecks.
  • People see what they think is the overnight success, but they don’t see the grind behind it.
  • One of the most important things you can do is investing in yourself.
  • In most businesses, people are buying you and the more diversity you have the more value is there.
  • Brandon’s best investment in himself? A monthly Audible subscription!
  • You have to get uncomfortable and do things that will move you to a new place.
  • The Greatest Failure was not recognizing the need to step away and transcend the grind. “You have to stop and sharpen the axe.”
  • The Greatest Success is being able to be hands-off when Brandon needs to step away.
  • The best tool in your arsenal is your work ethic.



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