Yup. This post really is about why you should buy a journal.

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be one of those little hardbound deals with the tiny, flimsy lock on the cover. But it could be!

You also don’t need to write all of the angsty musings that you thought you were supposed to write when you journaled in middle school. You’ve moved beyond My So Called Life, thank goodness.

No, a journal can be a powerful tool that provides clarity, motivation, and direction, both personally and in our businesses.

Each evening, before you stop working for dinner, take 5 to 10 minutes to write in the journal.

Here’s a great starting point for what you pen: What did I accomplish today? What did I do well? What could I have done better? What are my goals for tomorrow? That’s it. It doesn’t even need to be written in full sentences.

June 11, 2016: Spent the morning with Hale and Calder playing at the Children’s museum, then edited Jack’s podcast before dinner. Glad I had the morning with the boys, but wish I’d been able to give them an entire day on the weekend. Tomorrow, up early to finish editing before the boys wake up, then no work until Monday!

See? You’ll gain long term insight into your personal accountability, objectives, and history.

It’s eye opening to look back through your daily entries when you’re struggling with motivation or productivity – the cause and solution are usually right there, written in your own hand, waiting to be rediscovered.