TER 007: Why Uncomfortable Is Good with Ellie Jacques

Jun 13, 2016 | 0 comments

Ellie Jacques graduated from college with a degree in French and International Relations. She didn’t like International Relations and didn’t want to live in France.

Feeling like she had failed “The College Test” and without a clear direction, Ellie struggled to find her own value and worth in our economy.

In this interview, she tells us why she had to be uncomfortable in order to grow, how the journey she’s taken is as old as humanity, and how both the highs and the lows have made her a stronger, more capable person.

Today, Ellie is the co-vice president of Herotown Geelong, a nonprofit organization that invests in people and teaches them to be heroic in every day life.

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Ellie Jacques Photo


Ellie Jacques

Website: HerotownGeelong.com.au

Facebook: Ellie.Jacques


  • College didn’t offer the path to a lifetime of fulfillment.
  • Human influences and tendencies can cause us to act in ways that are harmful to ourselves and others.
  • We can act heroically by rising above those tendencies.
  • Joined a nonprofit dedicated to creating everyday heros in Australia.
  • Success and growth are interchangeable for Ellie.
  • Measure success in relation to your past self, not against other people.
  • You cannot grow unless you leave the comfort of your current situation.
  • Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is representative of many life struggles that we experience in both business and personal pursuits.
  • When your work becomes beneficial to you physically, emotionally, and financially, you have found a good career path.
  • Our best investment in ourselves, our careers, and our community is time.



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