TER 008: Getting Over The Justas with Lane Clark

Jun 15, 2016 | 0 comments

Lane Clark-Bonk thought that she had to follow the expected path and do all the expected things. Then, she realized all the expected things weren’t actually the best fit for what she wanted from life and started making her own things.

In this episode, Lane talks to us about valuing her own time, how to decide when enough is enough, and not chasing business growth just for the sake of growth itself. She labels herself a micropreneur and you’ll even hear about why she doesn’t need or want a website or LinkedIn account!

We say that The Entrepreneur Redefined is all about finding the streams of income that give you the most benefit and enable you to live a brilliant life … and Lane’s story is a perfect example of someone who knows how to strike her perfect balance.

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Lane Clark




  • Lane had a cast of the “Justa’s”: She viewed herself as just a mother, just a stay at home caregiver, just a virtual assistant.
  • Working with key clients helped her stop being self-deprecating in her view of her skills and talents.
  • Her people connections and way with words are her strength and differentiator in the Virtual Assistant market.
  • She didn’t have to take all of the clients and jobs that came her way – she can choose the jobs that mean something to her.
  • Find the clients with chemistry.
  • Set the hours and boundaries with your freelance clients when they’re onboarded.
  • Lane’s marketing is entirely word-of-mouth.
  • She doesn’t want to grow her business beyond its current level because it doesn’t fit her goals and definition of success!
  • The idea of being an unconventional entrepreneur was not something she recognized earlier in her career.
  • Now, she knows that she can make a good and fulfilling living in her running clothes!
  • Lane hopes her children learn that they can do what fulfills them, not what is expected of them.
  • Feeling pride in her work is important and very different than her rewards from parenting.
  • Have confidence in your value; it’s okay if someone can’t afford you!



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