TER 009: Ignoring Great Business Advice with Shannon Easter White

Jun 17, 2016 | 0 comments

Shannon Easter White took maternity leave from an architecture firm and never went back.

Instead, she realized that she wanted to organize her career around her family life and started her own firm. FUNchitecture blends her wacky, artistic personality with her logical, engineer’s mind, and – more importantly – allows her the flexibility to organize her schedule around her family and her passions.

In TER 010, Shannon tells us about her definition of success, how an investment in her community pays back in more ways than one, and why the best advice she’s received is to ignore the advice she receives.

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Shannon Easter White


Shannon Easter White


  • Architecture combined Shannon’s wacky creative personality with her logical, right-brained mind.
  • Rotary International offers a Group Study Exchange trip, allowing young professionals to study abroad.
  • Becoming a mother was the core experience that made Shannon re-evaluate working a traditional, salaried career path as an employee in another firm.
  • Shannon was able to structure her work day to achieve both business and personal success when she started FUNchitecture.
  • She selectively accepts fun projects and clients.
  • Design matters in everything we do, including buildings and architecture.
  • Shannon’s personal definition of success is being a great mom, great wife, and respected business professional.
  • Professional success means having your work fit around your life, not vise versa.
  • Her greatest challenge is maintaining balance.
  • Another challenge has been business growth. She uses contract employees to be flexible and scalable.
  • Shannon recognizes failures in every project and values them as opportunities for learning and improvement.
  • A social investment in her community is directly connected to Shannon’s personal motivation. She’s honored that she can make that investment in Flint’s community through her business. 
  • She get’s lots of advice to grow her business and hire more employees, but she’s happy staying small and providing high, personal value.
  • Being an entrepreneur is hard. Don’t be afraid of it, but go in with your eyes open.



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