TER 010: Even Doctors Can Do It Differently with Dr. Scott Doughty

Jun 20, 2016 | 0 comments

Dr. Scott Doughty has always taken an unconventional path in medicine, but still didn’t feel that he was able to provide the best possible care to his patients. So, he moved his office to an old trophy manufacturing space and did something really different.

Like many caring, dedicated physicians, he was tired of the roadblocks posed by the insurance reimbursement healthcare model. Unlike most of those physicians, he had the courage and foresight to do something about it. By embracing the direct primary care physician model under an annual membership plan, Dr. Doughty has given his patients access to unlimited primary physician care and the ability to establish a true relationship with their provider.

Find out how he managed to do something different in a healthcare environment that so rarely accepts change in this episode of The Entrepreneur Redefined podcast!

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Dr. Scott Doughty


Dr. Scott Doughty


  • Dr. Scott Doughty is the founding physician at U.P. Holistic Medicine.
  • He worked in the Indian Healthcare System for years.
  • Family support has been critical to all of his professional adventures.
  • He brought his family back to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula because it offers the lifestyle and pursuits that meet their needs.
  • HIs decision to break out of the modern, insurance-reimbursement model was based on a desire to provide lifestyle and holistic healthcare options, rather than a pharmaceutical approach.
  • There was a great deal of demand for this model from his patients.
  • In order to be the doctor he wanted to be, he had to remove the insurance reimbursement question from the conversation with his patients.
  • His greatest success was a massive challenge: He purchased an office space without knowing all of the requirements for removing an existing tenant. They were able to negotiate a resolution by both being professional and objective.
  • Failures happen when there’s a lack in information, experience, or vision.
  • Things come together when you pursue your passion!



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