A man is walking down a path and steps into a small hole. He loses his balance, falls, gets back to his feet, and continues on his way.

10 minutes later, he suddenly jumps off the trail, grabs a shovel, and starts making small piles of dirt all around him.

“What are you doing,” you ask him.

“This path tripped me and I’m filling in the holes so it doesn’t happen again!” he answers.

A few minutes later, he stops moving dirt and continues his walk, only to trip on the piles of dirt that he just finished making. “Damn path. It’s dangerous!” he mutters, stumbling into the distance.

Instead of building for tomorrow, many of our actions are actually fighting what happened yesterday. Look at where you invest your time and energy. Are you preparing the groundwork for the future you want, or are you trying to fill in the holes that you walked past 10 minutes ago?