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Fighting Yesterday

A man is walking down a path and steps into a small hole. He loses his balance, falls, gets back to his feet, and continues on his way.

10 minutes later, he suddenly jumps off the trail, grabs a shovel, and starts making small piles of dirt all around him.

“What are you doing,” you ask him.

“This path tripped me and I’m filling in the holes so it doesn’t happen again!” he answers.

A few minutes later, he stops moving dirt and continues his walk, only to trip on the piles of dirt that he just finished making. “Damn path. It’s dangerous!” he mutters, stumbling into the distance.

Instead of building for tomorrow, many of our actions are actually fighting what happened yesterday. Look at where you invest your time and energy. Are you preparing the groundwork for the future you want, or are you trying to fill in the holes that you walked past 10 minutes ago?

The Insight Archive

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Really? This Post Is About Journaling?

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You Can’t Be Everywhere

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Seeing The Blind Spot

The pieces fall into place, almost without conscious thought: Blinker on. Check your mirrors. Turn your head and look in the blind spot, double checking carefully for motorcycles. Smoothly change lanes with the confidence that there’s nothing unexpected hidden... read more

Voices In Your Head

We all have a running commentary playing in our heads. It’s that constant discussion we have with ourselves about everything – what we want to eat at lunch, how we feel about the cloudy sky, and what we think about ourselves. That voice is also a powerful... read more

Don’t Say It Louder

You’ve seen those cliche movies where someone doesn’t understand the language being spoken, so the speaker says it again in the same language, BUT LOUDER AND SLOWER. We all laugh because it’s so absurd, but that’s exactly what so many marketers... read more

Do What Only You Can Do

You launch a business. It grows. And, suddenly, you find that you’re so busy, you literally can’t do everything. It’s time to focus on the things only you can do and hand off the rest. Only I can do the voiceovers in my vocal booth, but I can hire... read more

You Need Help

When did we collectively decide that asking for help was a weakness? The reluctance to ask for help is one of the most damaging traits that I see in many of the entrepreneurs I talk to every day, and I don’t understand why. When someone asks for help, I think... read more
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