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This is unabashed self-promotion. Being a voiceover artist allowed me to make the jump from my corporate career to the world of self-employment and rewarding days spent in my home office. It's also the path that has given me the insight, time, and opportunity to develop The Entrepreneur Redefined.

If you're looking for a warm, sincere male voice for your explainer or whiteboard video, video marketing campaign, telephone voice system, voice greeting, podcast intro or outro, or any other voiceover need, please take a few minutes to listen to my work at www.TheVoiceNinja.com and consider my services. Professional voiceover work makes a big difference in successfully delivering your message!


When it comes to building websites with WordPress themes, these people are the masters. Their Divi theme is absolutely stunning and indescribably flexible. Drag and drop interfaces, parallax scrolling, dozens and dozens of modules, full SEO, API, and eCommerce integrations, and much, much more. Since discovering the Divi theme, I've built all of my websites with it.

They also offer equally astounding plugins for social sharing, email opt-ins, maintenance modes, and shortcodes.

I am a long time user and a new affiliate. When you click on any of the Elegant Themes links on this website (including this one) and purchase one of their products, I'll receive a small share of the revenue which helps support this website. Thank you!


Every business needs a website and every website needs fully-featured, robust, and reliable web hosting.

I have been using 1&1.com for all of my own domain registration and web hosting needs for over 10 years. I've run dozens of websites, blogs, eCommerce portals, forums, and learning/content management systems on their servers with - literally - zero problems. The support team has always been exemplary when I've had questions and I've never felt shorted or unsatisfied with the products and services they provide.

Check them out. I think you'll be very happy!



An exercise program? How in the heck is this relevant?!

If you're not healthy - both physically and emotionally - you can't do your best work or enjoy life to the fullest. Regular workouts are deliver both physical and emotional benefits, and this one is one of my favorite programs. First, the workouts are simple and based on body movements that don't require weights, can be done anywhere, and are 15 minutes or less. Second, you provide feedback during and after each workout so that Freeletics can serve up a truly customized program that fits your needs. Third, it gets results.

Regardless of what program you choose, you should make an investment in your health and fitness every day. Freeletics just makes it really easy...


There are more email list and autoresponder services than I can count, but Mailchimp is my go to provider. They have everything I need, including RSS feed campaigns, simple templates, clean API integrations with Wordpress and the Divi theme, autoresponders, and lots more.

Plus, they have a "Forever Free" plan that - though it has limitations - is guaranteed never to cost you a cent.

If you want to go with the full featured service for a very reasonable and scalable monthly fee, click here to get a $30 credit when you sign up and enroll in a paid plan.


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