Real People Using Business To Live A Brilliant Life

What is TER all about? I’m Jeremy Vore, the founder and host, and would like to answer that for you myself.

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What is a brilliant life?

Make every day fulfilling

When you cultivate a rewarding life, you don’t have to slog through an uninspired week just to do a few fun things on the weekend. That’s no way to live.

Meet all of your needs

Money is definitely a requirement to do the things you dream of. But so are time, energy, health, motivation…

Financial wealth is just one, equally weighted part of a rich life.

Set your priorities straight

Schedule work around the important things in your life, not the other way around.

Brilliant Life

Our Promise

I hate websites that pretend to give you something valuable for free, then snatch it away and replace it with premium content that you have to pay for.

I will never do that to you here.

The Entrepreneur Redefined is filled with full-value, free resources for people who want to use business to live amazing lives.

We’re here to help you define your version of success and figure out how to use streams of income to achieve it. We are not here to take your money.

I promise.

Getting Started

Listen to Jeremy explain The Entrepreneur Redefined and the path to a brilliant life:

Or, if you prefer to read, here are a lot of words:

Step 0

Start Today

Don’t wait. It doesn’t have to be something monumental, but make sure that you take a step toward reaching your goals every, single day.

If this intimidates you or you’re not sure how to start, take a moment to read this Daily Insight on this very topic.

Step 1

Define Your Success

What is that you really want? Really?

You carry a lot of other people’s expectations on your shoulders. You’ve been indoctrinated by social norms and standards. You know that “success” means a certain level of income, a new car, owning a home in the right neighborhoods, being busy (because busy means you’re important), and being loyal to your employer. In other words, playing it safe.

If you stay with one company for 25 years, you might even get an engraved anniversary watch … but probably not.

Now, step off of the social ladder and throw off the burden of expectations. What is it that you really want?

What does success look like to you? What do you want every day to look like? What kinds of lessons do you want your children to learn from you through observation? What are you passionate about and what adventures – big or small – do you want to have tomorrow?

Achieving that kind of success is what living a brilliant life is all about.

Step 2

Surround Yourself With Support

When people expect something from you, you usually end up expecting it of yourself, for better or worse. The human mind is a brilliant social machine that internalizes the expectations and beliefs of those around us. Once those feelings are internalized, we call the inevitable outcome a “self-fulfilling prophecy,” but most of the time it didn’t actually come from the “self” at all!

In order to step away from the expected path to the expected success in our world, you need to hear from other people who are on the same journey. People who can share their experiences, listen to your ideas and questions, and ask you questions of their own.

Hopefully, you’ll find some of those people among your friends and family. People you can meet with, face-to-face, for a cup of coffee or a run through the woods.

You can also find those people in The Entrepreneur Redefined Facebook group. It’s free, friendly, and filled with great conversations, so come on in. We’re waiting for you!

Join the free TER Facebook Group

Our FREE Facebook group is filled with people like you.

Share your ideas, inspirations, fears, successes, and failures.  Offer and receive feedback. And, ultimately, grow as part of a community that’s dedicated to using business to live an amazing life.

Take me there!

Step 3

Make A Plan

Living a brilliant life doesn’t just happen. It takes forethought, planning, and some hard work to arrive at your definition of success.

What does your plan look like? What streams of income will enable the life that you want? How do you integrate business and living? The answers will be unique to you.

It seems obvious, but it’s a critical point: Your brilliant life is different than anyone else’s brilliant life.

Step 4

Keep The Momentum

The best way to maintain your momentum is to invest in your mindset every day, especially when you’re going against the grain of social expectation. But, it’s also the hardest part of the journey and where you’ll face the most self-doubt and discouragement.

The Entrepreneur Redefined sends out Daily Insight emails with thought provoking tips that take less than 60 seconds to read. They’re a great way to start your day with the right mindset and combine business and personal thought.

We also publish podcast interviews with real people – just like you! – who use business to live brilliant lives. Listen to inspiring people talk about the path that they’ve taken, the challenges they face, and the definition of success that works for them. Borrow their ideas and know that you’re not alone!

Step 5

Be Flexible

Change is inevitable. Your interests and definition of success will shift. The business landscape will change. Technology will evolve. New trends emerge and old trends disappear.

One of the best qualities of a brilliant life is that you’re not locked into one path or stream of income. Look at your life, examine the businesses that you use to support it, and evaluate your meaning of success. When something needs to change, don’t be afraid to take action!


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